July 2015 RFAs

An FY2012-13 and FY2013 congressional appropriation via the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program (CDMRP) of the US Army/Department of Defense (DoD) will fund the grants under these RFAs.  The CDMRP organizes multidisciplinary, team-based translational research efforts to expedite the process of identifying promising beneficial compounds to conducting human proof-of-principle clinical trials.  If successful, this approach could result in translation of contemporary basic science knowledge into enhanced pharmacological treatment protocols for alcohol and substance abuse disorders.

The objective of the ITN is to bring together investigators, including basic, translational, and clinical scientists, into cooperative and synergistic working teams.  The goals of these teams will be to identify and develop new medications and protocol for treatment of SUDs in the military/veteran context.  



Pre-Clinical Proof of Principle RFA

The ITN is pleased to invite researchers from instituions that are members of the Coalition for Translational Research Centers in Alcohol and Substance Use Disorders to submit proposals for these Pre-clinical PoP awards. ITN Consortium Member Institutions and collaborators from institutions other than the Consortium members institutions are allowed, and subcontracting to such institutions is permitted.  
Downloadable Pre-Clinical Proof of Principle RFA documents -

Downloadable ITN Proposal Instructions -


Extend-and-Confirm RFA

This is the ITN Program's third round of Extend-and-Confirm grants to continue those previously funded Proof-of-Principle projects that are determined to have the greatest promise.  Proposals should be directly relevant to a clinical goal.  Those eligible to submit a proposal were notified by the ITN Program Director.  Please send inquiries to the Program Manager.
Downloadable ITN Proposal Instructions -