Organization of the Institute for Translational Neurscience

The ITN program has been organized to accelerate discovery and development of medications and medical protocols for the treatment of individuals with SUDs. Specific research programs will address key therapeutic goals through cohesive sets of research projects led by individual investigators. In later stage projects, multidisciplinary capabilities – neuroscience discovery, pre-clinical translation, and human translational neuroscience – will be brought to bear in order that a new biological principle or discovery can be rapidly moved through molecular discovery, animal models, and proof-of-concept human studies into clinical trials and, ultimately, widely-disseminated treatment protocols.

Specifically, the ITN Program:

  • Conducts basic through clinical research into the molecular neurobiology of alcohol and drug addiction in order to develop more effective approaches to prevention, diagnosis and treatment.
  • Facilitates collaborative interactions among laboratory, clinical and population scientists.
  • Coordinates research on treatment of SUDs in patients with comorbid TBI, PTSD, major depression, or other psychological health or medical conditions.